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SPPF is a 501c non-profit charitable foundation - All donations are 100% tax deductible.


Why Choose Shakey Paw?

The companionship of an animal can be therapeutic: pets have been shown to reduce depression, anxiety,  loneliness and promote healing.  Injury or illness can make it impossible to give the animal the care it needs. Many cancer patients and elderly people are forced to part with their beloved pets

Shakey Paw is dedicated to help keep pets at home with their owners!


 Research & studies show:

  • Senior interaction with dogs boosts the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps calm & rest the body.
  • People who own cats are 30% less likely to suffer a heart attack.
  • Researchers have been able to prove that having a pet can help increase survival and boost physical activity in Cancer patients.

Donate Now!

Each donation helps maintain a loving home.
Shakey Paw is donations are tax deductible

$40 Will feed a dog for a month
$120 Will feed a dog for three months
$25 Will feed a cat for a month
$75 Will feed a cat for three months
$40 Will provide a well pet exam
$$$ Will provide care for an animal in need of more serious treatment


How do I donate?

Make checks payable to:

Shakey Paw Pet Foundation

Mail to:

4130 SW 117th Ave., Suite 435

Beaverton, OR 97005

    • Thru PayPal

For more information:

call 503-828-6155, or email

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